Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Tuesdays with Market

Jack's Fish Spot- Ever wonder what it feels like to stare out from behind the counter of a fish monger? At Jack's, the stainless steel seafood bar is tucked right in back, with a handy menu overhead. Grab a seat, peruse the multitude of fresh fish and shellfish, and order up some oysters and fish and chips. We went for the 3-piece salmon fish and chips and a dozen Penn Cove Oysters. Our server/shucker dude was nice enough to send us around the corner to buy ourselves two bottles of beer a piece (Pike Place Pale Ale), and the fryer was bubblin by the time we got back with them. He was not the most eloquent shucker, as he failed to severe the muscle that attaches the oysters to their shells, but he was long on heart. A great young guy who was more than friendly. He also tried to open our beers for us the tough guy way, using the corner of his chopping block, but that didn't work either. He settled for using a regular key out of his pocket, which impressed us plenty. Penn Cove oysters rock right now! Between the mussels and the oysters they raise up there, I think I know where I want to retire. The salmon was great, too. It was fried a little dark (as were the chips), but the flesh was so rich and moist it didn't matter. If you want the real deal seafood counter, no muss no fuss (or yuppies), then this is the spot alright.

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