Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tuesdays with Market

Uli's Famous Sausage - This place is a lunchtime gem. You can order any of Uli's delicious mostly all natural (apparently some preservatives are required by law) sausages on a bun with your choice of condiments for only $4.50. The sausage selection is staggering. I waffled. Perhaps the pork bratwurst with apple? No, I think I want the cajun andouille. Then, on a whim, I ordered the rosemary chicken bratwurst with mustard. It was delicious, but the hot dijon wine mustartd, is pretty spicy and was probably not the right choice for my delicate chicken sausage. Paul, animal lover that he is, ordered the Thuringer Bratwurst (which contains veal) and was quite pleased, although he too questioned the need for such hot mustard and was nonplussed by the fact that Uli serves his sauerkraut cold. Paul was also disappointed at the lack of weisswurst and expressed this to the proprietor. Uli, a handlebar-mustachioed, German, master butcher, affably explained that while he would love to serve weisswurst, he simply does not have the space necessary to make it to his specifications. Alas, Paul will have to go to Bavaria to get his milky veal stuffed casings of animal cruelty. Don't worry, for those who, like me, maintain the compromise position that eating animals is ok, but eating baby cows is mean, Uli's has a wide selection of non-veal based products in a variety of tantalizing combinations.

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