Friday, February 23, 2007

Tuesdays with Market

Michou- After the last couple disappointing trips to the Market, we weren't looking to pull any punches with this one. And like trouble, we seem to have found what we were looking for. This takeout lunch place rocks. It's incredible. And cheap. Look hard to find it. It's in a windowless, dungeon-like slot right next to Le Panier, a big fancy expensive, empty place full of windows that serves several of the same genres of food. But at Michou, there will be a long, fast-moving line of locals lunching on huge, artisan-looking sandwiches and tons of great salads like gnocci and ratatouille. I had a bacon, turkey and aoili monster on a large, seeded, flat round roll, kind of like some Americanized gargantuan relative of some short Sicilian dude. No, the flavors were not revelatory, but they accomplished our goal; it reasserted that this eat our way through the entire Pike Place Market mission is worthwhile. Helen had the aforementioned ratatouille, elegantly room-temperatured, and a half sandwich that now escapes me ... Alas. We slaked our thirsts with a couple of those fancy flavored Italian sodas-- not that this place evinces a we-are-fancy attitude, at all-- as we ate our lunch outside. God damn that was a good lunch.

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