Sunday, April 8, 2007

Tuesdays with Market

Zig Zag Cafe - This place has a great atmosphere. It's in the hidden Hill Climb portion of the Market, right next to El Puerco Lloron, but much tastier and cleaner than its neighbor. It's dark, but not too dark, and you can tell just by looking at the well-stocked bar that they mix a mean cocktail. But it was happy hour, a good selection of draft microbrews could be had for a mere $3, and we just couldn't get past the Maritime IPA. We did, however, fully explore the food specials, ordering one of everything off the happy hour menu. The results were mixed. The calamari was tender and pleasantly unfried, served in a tasty marinade that likely had a bit of balsamic to it. The prawns were also pretty good and similarly prepared. The mixed olives were delicious and the pizza, while not the best we've ever had, was damn good for happy hour! But the bruschetta just didn't do it for us. First, no one should be serving bruschetta until some local tomatoes have ripened. These tomatoes had no taste. Second, who makes bruschetta with whole wheat bread? Third, if you're going to use whole wheat bread, at least have the decency to slather it with olive oil. There was something just too healthy about this dry wheaty bruschetta and no one really wants healthy happy hour food. But with everything on the menu at $5 or less, we really can't complain. We definitely recommend this place if your looking for a cheap but swanky happy hour location. And leading your date through the belly of the Market to get to this spot will make you look very in the know.

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