Sunday, November 11, 2007

Grendel Lives

So I finally busted out my brand new meat grinder over the weekend, starting simple with a couple hunks of fresh chuck that became cheeseburgers cooked over mesquite coals.

This machine is insane. It's a 575 watt motor and it feels like driving some overpowered muscle car that is only happy when churning up the road.

It's insatiable- a beast that demands to be fed cubes of meat.

When it's turned on but not being fed, it whines so loud I thought something was wrong with it. I took it apart and put it back together. Nothing wrong; it's just that powerful.

When happily grinding meat, it hums.

This thing is Grendel, I swear.

I used to use my 325 watt Kitchen-Aid for at-home grinding and sausage making, but got sick of putting my whole body weight into pushing meat into it.

I've separated tasks, and now have Italian tre spade stuffer which I will break in next weekend, and this grinder.

It's possible I'm seeing this thing through rose-colored glasses, but it's first time out with these burgers exceeded all expectations.

I will report more after next weekend, when I will be fabricating two whole pigs and possibly grinding up to 50# of pork and stuffing it into sausage with the new stuffer.

Here's a link to where I bought this machine. It's only $99.


Bob del Grosso said...

Have you used the stuffer yet? And why did you buy a horizontally oriented model and not one that is vertically arranged with the screw on top? There's no judgement implied in this second question, I'm genuinely curious.

Scotty said...

I haven't invested in one yet. I have the 500 watt custom edition Kitchen-Aid that does the job well, but I understand your love for the new device. My advantage is that the Sausage Maker, Inc. is a mere 15 minute drive away. You'd enjoy the showroom. I'll be there Friday for some casings.

redman said...

I lived in buffalo area for several years as a kid. that's great your so close.

as for kitchen-aid, I bet it's a lot easier with bigger machine.

do they have big showroom there?

anyone tried to stuff anything bigger than a hog casing?

Scotty said...

So you were probably too young to know the Cinton/Baily Food Terminal.

We are not talking Costco or BJ's or that other club, but it's nice sized. As Shakespeare once wrote "No, ‘tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church door, but ‘tis enough, ‘twill serve." You walk into a room with most, if not all, of the equipment in the catalog on display, including your grinder. A second room has things like Instacure, Fermento spices prepared kits for sausage making. you get the idea. I've never seen it, but behind the showroom is the factory space where stuff is packed and the refrigerated stuff.

I haven't yet, but the casings I am going for are hog middles. I want to try soppressata. I'll let you know!

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