Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pig Dinner #1 (the first of many)

This was our first meal after the impressive effort that was Pig Weekend 2007. Amazingly, just a day after being up to his elbows in pork product, Paul managed to rally and create a gourmet Monday night meal of personally-butchered, organic, free-range pork loin roasted with mixed new potatoes from the Ballard Farmers Market and garnished with a mustard demi glace and organic brussel sprouts. The pork had a fantastically rich, meaty flavor (which, admittedly, may have been given a boost by the veal stock used to make the demi glace), but it was a little chewy for what is typically a very tender cut. This seems to be the one downside to free-range animals, but I think it's worth a little extra chewing to know that your dinner lived a better life. We paired it with one of the wines from our trip to Oregon, a Rex Hill 2003 Pinot Noir (for more details, read the "wall" at right). Delicious!

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