Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Kid in Town

looks like chef Michael Symon, out of Cleveland, is going to open a fancy new meat restaurant in D-town called Roast. The Free Press is reporting that he will feature multiple wood-fired grills and rotisseries where they will cook whole animals such as suckling pigs, lamb and goat in front of guests. The menu will also focus on hausgemachte charcuterie items.

Might this be competition for meat-heavyweight and charcutier extraordinaire Brian Polycn? And this when I am waiting to hear about the new Polycn bistro that is supposedly opening in B-ham (scroll to second item)?

Looks like Detroit is restoring the roar, baby! Go Pistons! Go Wolverines! Go Red Wings! Go Tigers!

Sheesh. Life for the Michigander is often tough.

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frantic foodie said...

sounds succulent

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