Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life in the Pacific Northwest: Fresh Halibut

Last Friday we had a handyman out to the house. He was supposed to come at nine in the morning, by three o'clock he had still not shown up, so I gave him a call and found out he had been cutting halibut cheeks all day with his son who just got back from a fishing trip, and that he was running late (Gee, thanks). Though I will never understand handyman time, my ears perked up when he said halibut cheeks. "Can you bring me some?" I asked. "Sure," he said. "How about a whole fish?"

It was fourteen pounds, fresh-smelling if not exactly the most pristine specimen (note fin decay), and a lot of fun to butcher. A halibut is what's considered a flat fish, so it has 4 fillets instead of two. Very easy to cut up and skin, and in addition to eating lots of fresh fish we now have two gallons of fish stock in our freezer. Looking forward to fish stew!

What time did he actually show up at our house, you ask? Six o'clock.

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