Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nice Rack

While the staff of the wine wall makes every effort to regularly acquire and drink nice wine, it's not everyday that our rack is full. In case you're interested in what we'll be drinking and blogging about in the near future, here's a list of what's on our rack right now (in no particular order):

Woodward Canyon 2005 Columbia Valley Merlot - I can't wait to open this one. We got on our last trip to Walla Walla and I remember it tasting like heaven. We're holding onto it for a special occasion, but I'm growing impatient.
Kiona 2005 Red Mountain Chardonnay - We were told this Red Mountain winery made amazing reds, and it does, but we liked the Chardonnay so much that we had we had to have it.

Campo Viejo Crianza 2005 Tempranillo - This was a housewarming gift. I'm hoping Paul makes some of his amazing paella to go with it.

Ash Hollow 2007 Columbia Valley Sauvignon Blanc - This was the last wine we bought in Walla Walla. We were inclined to stop tasting. Our tastebuds were fatigued. But this crisp little Sauvignon Blanc reawakened our tongues and, for that, we purchased it.

Dusted Valley 2006 Stained Tooth Syrah - It's no wonder our tongues were tired. We wore them out and dyed them purple at Dusted Valley, where they make (and generously pour) some of the best big bold reds in Walla Walla to a hard rock soundtrack.

Kestrel's Lady in Red and Pure Platinum - we picked up a mixed case of these extremely good value blends and are currently working our way through that case with alarming speed.

Cuvaison 2004 Estate Grown Carneros Merlot - Everything about this wine suggests it's gonna be good, including the friend who gave it to us for our housewarming. She's got great taste.

Terra Blanca 2002 Red Mountain Syrah - We picked this up at our first stop on our last wine trip. If you ever make it out to Red Mountain, don't miss this winery. The facility is gorgeous and the wines are a good value.

Parallel 2005 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon - This is a serious wine. And I'm not even sure it's available to the general public. It's way outside our normal price range, but one of the owners is a friend of my mother's. She bought us 6 bottles and asked that we save one for her next trip out (she can't get wine shipped to her in RI). We have 2 bottles left and my parents arrive in 2 weeks. Whether we make good on that deal is anybody's guess.

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