Monday, October 20, 2008

Gardening Update

just a quick post to say that we have been working feverishly to put our garden to bed for the winter, and will put up some posts with pictures soon. Part of our problem is that Sunday is the only day (I am currently teaching on Saturdays as well) we have to garden, except that there is lots of other stuff to do on Sundays too- not the least of which is sit in front of a roaring fire drinking red wine or sherry! That's right. We do live some kind of bourgeois life that is over packed with activities. How I long for the simple life of my student days, when I could read for hours and hours a day. Oh well. Now I read a book for a few hours a week and feel lucky to do so. But back to our food life. In addition to winterizing our p-patch, we have been growing several varieties of lettuces (and some feral spinach that popped up out of nowhere) in our front yard. That in its own right deserves a post and some pictures. Wine wall readers, if you are out there, sit tight. We will have more examples of the mixed success that is our eating and gardening life coming soon.

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We will wait patiently. Nancy & Gary

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