Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Date Night - an occasional series

Yes, we here at the wine wall realize that we've been slacking off. What can we say? You've heard our excuses before (holidays, snow, our "real" jobs getting in the way, etc). But we've made a resolution (better late than never) to begin again. Yes, despite our best intentions, you will never hear about our adventures in Little Rhody (Johnny cakes, both East and West Bay style, latkes, or the exact right cheese and wine to pair with Scrabble), our trip to Mexico, our Christmas party, our Election Night party, or even our most recent dinner at The Herbfarm (although it was amazing and we took lots of pictures). But the future is bright . . .

We are bringing back an old favorite - Tuesdays with Market - a weekly exploration of Pike Place Market's bounty (ie our quest to eat everywhere in the Market that sells prepared foods). And we are starting a new tradition - Date Night - aka "I worked late, got stuck in a parking lot on I-5, and we realized we had better set our sites a little closer to home." That's what happened tonight and it was the perfect excuse for us to hit one of our favorite Greenwood haunts . . .

Gorditos claims to be "Healthy Mexican" but the only thing healthy about it is the portions. They have a burrito there the size of a baby. Seriously, there is a side by side comparison photo on the wall and the burrito actually appears to be slightly larger than the baby. We usually get that burrito's slightly-less-large-but-still-too-big-to-ever-be-eaten (even by the likes of us)-in-one-sitting cousin. I like the veggie one, not because I'm trying to save the planet but because it comes with free guacamole inside, and Paul usually gets a meatier version. We also like them "wet," meaning smothered in cheese, salsa, and sour cream. While, like all Seattle burritos, they suffer from a distinct lack of cohesion and must be eaten with fork and knife, these are certainly some of the most satisfying efforts at Mission-style burritos around. And, after one of these and a Pacifico and some chips, a healthy food coma will wipe out the stress of that meeting that ran over and even the I-5 commute.

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