Friday, May 1, 2009

1st Work of Fiction Published

Hello, Wine Wall? How are you? :)

It's been a while. Thought I post links to a couple of other writing projects that have come up for the scant few who visit this quiet little corner of the Internets.

-Salumaio, Paul's first published short story, a work of "food fiction", has been published in the Spring issue of Contrary, a literary journal based out of Chicago. Here is a link if you care to read.

-I've started contributing to the online-only P-I as part of their Seattle Views section. Here is a link to my first piece.


itsnotyou said...

Congratulations! Great salami article. Made me feel like I should be lighting candles and swigging wine while reading.

paul said...

it's not an article, it's a short story, but thanks for compliment!

Margo said...

Congrats! Out of curiosity, have you read Mark Kurlansky's stuff (Salt, Cod)? Are you going to have him speak at AIS when he's in Seattle? (He has a book signing at Elliott Bay Books this Monday.)

paul said...

thanks, Margo. I've read Salt and Cod (these could be one book!) as well as the Big Oyster. The more recent "ingredient" book I read that I really, really love is Milk by Anne Mendelson.

I didn't know Kurlansky was coming to town!! I think I've been dropped from the contact list of the media person since I haven't heard from her in some time. I wonder if she thinks AI is too small an outlet and they don't sell enough books.

In some ways it's just as well. I have been super busy with my own writing and teaching that I haven't had time to do the legwork to bring these people in.

I am going to an event on Friday with Ruth Reichl that I'm excited about!

Margo said...

I read one of those "ingredient" books called The True History of Chocolate, which was pretty interesting, although the historical portion was obviously much better researched than the more modern stuff. I'll have to look into Milk.

You may not read this before then, but I'll actually be at the Words & Wine event tonight, too. I love Ruth Reichl's writing and signed up about three seconds after I saw she was coming to town!

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