Monday, June 11, 2007

Tuesdays with Market

Copacabana - We had to try the only Bolivian restaurant in Seattle. But we picked the wrong time to try it. We foolishly believed it would be a good spot for a quick, inexpensive, alcohol-free lunch on a chilly day. And it was. But it became apparent to us immediately that we should have tried it for a sunny afternoon margarita on the balcony because this appears to be its real strength (judging by the crowd we saw sitting outside the following Saturday and the rows of margarita glasses lined up next to a station that appeared to serve only tequila-based joy). However, with a little careful menu selection we did manage to find something on the menu for under $10. We each ordered a bowl of soup. I had the black bean. Paul had the shrimp. We switched halfway through. Both were well seasoned and garnished (though the chunks of pork in the black beans suggest it is not for the herbivore or faint of heart) . The soup was also a great deal. It was under $6 and came with an endless supply of crusty rolls and service so attentive that we weren't made to feel cheap. We'll definitely have to make a return trip for the margaritas!

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