Monday, June 11, 2007

Tuesdays with Market

Beecher's Cheese - When we realized this gourmet cheese shop sold lunch items, we rushed to check it out. And we were not disappointed. We each had the simplest thing on the menu: the grilled cheese sandwich. It is the perfect vehicle for tasting the melty goodness of Beecher's Flagship and Jack cheeses. Pressed in a panini grill with minimal oil, the crusty bread is an excellent foil for the rich blend of cheeses and avoids the greasiness that can mar a nice grilled cheese. We washed it down with some Meyer lemon soda, which, while refreshing, tastes nothing like Meyer lemons (Paul should know. He used to have one in his back yard.). This is great spot for a quick, inexpensive, cheesey snack, but the seating is limited, so be prepared to take your sandwich al fresco.

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