Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tuesdays with Market

Sound View Cafe - The name says it all. The only reason to go to this place is the view. The food was not bad. I had crab cakes. Paul had a veggie burger. But it wasn't anything special and you pay for the view ($7 for a previously frozen boca burger?!). To be fair, we were prepared to be let down. We had visions of $5 meatballs and ziti at the Pink Door. But it turns out they no longer have happy hour (damn you!). Then we waited 10 minutes outside Shea Lounge with visions of swanky cocktails and appetizers dancing in our heads, we heard a rustling inside, but eventually gave up on the doors ever opening. Thus, we found ourselves in an awkward position. It was 4:40. Too late for lunch. Too early for dinner. Our 2 attempts at happy hour had miserably failed, and we were stuck with a very limited number of open restaurants we'd never been to. So we grumpily made our way to Sound View Cafe. The view was fantastic and the beer was cheap. But service was extremely slow and almost everything on the menu cost at least $10 (the only explanation for Paul's momentary vegetarianism). We steered clear of the salad bar, which appears to be available 24/7 despite a distinct lack of foot traffic, and we suggest you do the same. In fact, unless you are trying to eat at every restaurant in the market, we suggest you steer clear of this place altogether.


Ryan said...

Did Pink Door really cancel their happy hour!?! They just brought it back like two months ago! Sorry. Come to SevenNites' all night happy hour at Qube on Wednesday (more info on the site), I owe you a drink.

Andrea said...

Hey you two, I am enjoying the posts. Paul I was wondering if you were going to post anything on our Phoenix dining experience at Whataburger?
Can't wait to see you both.

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