Monday, August 27, 2007

Night Out

Palomino is having an identity crisis. The garlic wreaths hanging by the open kitchen are trying for rustic and veering toward olive garden. The Matisse and Picasso prints are trying for upscale but barely clearing dentist's office. And the Chihulyesque chandeliers are just plain fake. If this weren't enough of a cultural mismatch to make anyone's head spin, they hand out fortunes at the end of the meal. All of this, of course, could be overlooked if the food were fantastic or cheap. It is neither. $95 got me and my dining companion an order of over-fried calamari (which, to our server's credit, he pointed out and was willing to replace), 2 mediocre steak salads (which attempted to make up for in breadth what they lacked in depth) and (admittedly) 6 glasses of wine. The only things that made the experience worthwhile were that I had a $20 gift certificate and the conversation was good.

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