Monday, August 27, 2007

Fresh from the P-Patch

Some dinners are just too good to relegate to the wall. Some dinners require a photo. Tonight's dinner was supposed to be about trying out international wines from Trader Joe's, but the dinner really outclassed the wines and required a post all its own. Paul grilled a pork loin over apple wood, creating some of the juiciest most flavorful pork I have ever eaten. The rest of the meal was fresh from the garden: slow cooked Kale with balsamic and olive oil, zucchini browned in a cast iron skillet, and a salsa verde made with grilled tomatillos, walla walla onions, and parsley. Unbelievable. The wine, while pleasant, was nothing to write home about. We finished up half a bottle of La Boca 2006 Barrio Chardonnay from Mendoza Argentina and dove right into a Gaetano D'Aquino 2005 Valpolicella (Italian red). Both had a nice smell, easy drinking flavor, and no finish to speak of. But, for under $5 a bottle, we can't complain.


savvy savorer said...

It looks amazing. I am hungry just looking at the picture.

Anonymous said...

Sure wish I had been to dinner at your house. Maminka

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