Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tuesdays with Market

Jasmine bills itself as a Thai Moroccan restaurant, but there are really only two Moroccan dishes on the menu (couscous and something else). Taking our cue from the dearth of offerings, Paul and I ordered Thai, but our intrepid friend got the couscous. She was not rewarded for her bravery. Her first plate came with a hair. Her second was under-seasoned. I got the pad kee mow tofu, which was pleasing to the eye (pictured) but a bit over-seasoned (overly salty, overly spicy, and overly sweet all at the same time). Not inedible or even unpalatable, but not quite right. Actually, it was like the food you get at a lot of chain restaurants - it looks good but it makes up in sauce for what its ingredients lack in true flavor. Paul ordered the green curry salmon, which was the best item of the bunch, but not worth making a return trip for, even at less than $10 a plate.

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