Monday, September 10, 2007

Trader Joe's Cheese Sucks

It pains me to say it, but say it I must. Trader Joe's brand cheap CA cheddar cheese really does suck. Like many people, we had come to rely on TJ's for reasonably-priced, good-quality staples. We drank more than a few bottles of 2 Buck Chuck and have picked up specialty items on occasion for far less than one would pay at Whole Paycheck to good results. But the quality is slipping. One cannot judge a store like TJ's purely on its Double Gloucester or Brie. One must look to the lowliest cheese product and see if it passes muster. The answer is a resounding no. This cheese tasted like plastic. Like cheesefood. I checked the label several times to establish that it really was cheese. It was so bad that we couldn't eat it on sandwiches. It had to be disguised in quesadillas, melted and smothered in green chile salsa. And it wasn't even that cheap or that local. Give me Tillamook (from nearby Oregon) any day, or even Safeway brand Lucerne cheese over this stuff. Trader Joe's, you have let us down.


Anonymous said...

You got exactly what you paid for. Cheap cheese.

Your shocked that the lowest possibly priced cheese isn't good?

What kind of imperial bubble do you live in exactly?

savvy savorer said...

Once you start buying at Whole Foods, you realize that Trader Joe's has no selection of anything.
That is of course except for cheap wine. The only good thing they have is the Persian Cucumber.

Anonymous said...

qfc has really good "cheap cheese", especially the medium cheddar

GollyGumDrops said...

I do like to stop off at TJ's when I'm in the US. Trying the latest [adjust according to inflation] Buck Chucks is a caberet all of ts own.

Anonymous said...

For those of us who watch our budgets as much as we watch the ingredients in our food, Trader Joe's is the perfect place to shop. True, you do give up having a variety of brands in lieu of the TJ brand, but with few exceptions, their products are top-notch. If the only thing you can find to complain about is their bottom-shelf cheese, then I say they're doing a bang-up job.

Anonymous said...

Agree, since most of their cheeses, ie, the Euro style cheeses such as brie and chevre, for the price, are great. Seems to be a cheddar-related problem.

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