Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Turns Out Cindy McCain Can't Cook After All

NYT, Huff Post and others reporting that recipes the McCain campaign has been advertising as some of Cindy's favorite recipes were lifted directly from the Food Network.

What the hell kind of pressure are these campaign aides under? Unbelievable. I wish I would have been there inside that person's head, or at the meeting, or whatever, where someone said let's just grab some recipes and call them Cindy's favorites.

Furthermore, one of the recipes called for "Napa slaw". Isn't napa cabbage a little left wing for the McCain campaign? Might we go so far as to say that this vegetable is un-American?

And passion fruit mousse? Are you kidding? Do we have homosexuals working for All-American John McCain?

the kicker: farfalle with turkey sausage. This cannot stand. If there is a more effeminate food that farfalle pasta (butterflies for christ's sake!) and turkey sausage (turkey's for wimps!) please let me know.

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