Monday, March 31, 2008

pastry kneading machine?

I don't understand how this thing works. Croissant dough is laminated, similar to puff. Most people use a sheeter or laminater to build the layers, especially in quantity, which means that there is minimal hand kneading of it anyway. These doughs are not kneaded like bread dough.

any thoughts?


Nancy said...

Paul, you crack me up. Aunt Barb and SO's are headed to your town in Sept. We will let you know info. Looking forward to good eats.

redman said...

September is a great time to visit. Fill me in as we get closer.

The Foodist said...


at first I didnt understand your question until I noticed your headline was in fact a link. Sadly I cant read the article as its now archived.. any chance you could cut and paste the important bits?

redman said...

basically the gist of it is this:
"What makes these goodies different, the company says, is that they are formed by robotic machines so that the dough is not toughened by overhandling."

I think this is true of all commercial pastry, so not sure why Fabricant makes a point of it. Perhaps just passing on info from the producer?

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