Monday, March 31, 2008

Top Chef, Episode 3: Dale Talde

There continues to be scant little published about Dale Talde on Season Three of Top Chef. It is, however, refreshing to note that we seem to have moved beyond Dale is Hung. Now I think it's fair to say that Dale is the silent killer. I say this due to the fact that most people say he is talented, cocky, and a good cook, yet they say surprisingly little about his actions on the show with relation to some of the other guests. Lately the only substantive post concerning Dale was highly positive if not terse, saying that Dale has not yet had his moment in the sun, being constantly overshadowed by the work of others. Judging from this example, though, Dale appears to have become an exceptional cook since the days when we slugged it out side by side in the stifling heat of a mid-summer Hudson Valley Skills kitchen (k-14) roasting veal bones and clarifying consomme.

Food Dale has cooked:

soy-marinated tuna taco with avocado-yuzu puree, mango-jalapeno pickle and tequila cream

grilled pork and pineapple skewers with smoked red curry BBQ sauce and marinated mushrooms and edamame

Go Dale. You bad as hell, bro.


eatingplum said...

I agree. Dale is totally NOT Hung. I vouch for Dale as one of the final three.

redman said...

seems like it is shaping up to be a showdown with Dale included.

AnticiPlate said...

It annoys me that people try to "cast type" Top Chef. I enjoy just watching it and seeing how the personalities play out. That is awesome that you know Dale. It is crazy when you see someone on TV that you know.

redman said...

we think that racial stereotyping is no small part of it when it comes to the comparison between Dale and Hung.

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