Thursday, March 20, 2008

Top Chef Episode Two: Dale Talde

this post is devoted to recapping what blogs are saying about Dale Talde on Top Chef. Dale, to reiterate, is a former classmate of mine who I have not spoken with in years. Not much to report. This week there were six blogs that showed up on my Google search. Dale was mentioned very little, though people seem to group him as mildly annoying though a good cook. As someone who knew Dale quite well, I can say he is an amazingly nice and funny guy.

There were more reports that Dale is the new Hung. In fact, some bloggers seem to think that saying Dale=Hung is all that ever needs to be said about the guy.

My feeling is that Dale is going to make it far on this show, maybe all the way. Let them eliminate the bad cooks, and when it comes down to the good cooks sounds like Dale is more than positioned to fight it out with the best of them.

Here's a list of the blogs who have mentioned Dale with regards to episode 2 of TC.


ms. proust said...

So when are *you* going to be on Top Chef, Paul?

I haven't seen the latest episodes as I have been blissfully unplugged (except for internet) for the last two weeks on San Juan Island. I can't believe how much cooking, reading, writing I get done without the tube.

I'm realizing I've become a food tv junkie since we got cable two years ago.

That said, I am looking forward to reserving an hour a week for the new Top Chef Chicago :)

Hey, I wrote Bloglines & haven't heard anything back. Are you still getting spammed? I'll have their heads for this if you are!

Best, Catherine

Scotty said...

OK, no Top Chef, but I found out today we have some local flavour on Hell's Kitchen

I know Bob - but I still wont watch ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

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Shannon Eliot
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redman said...

I haven't had any problems lately with strange feeds, and I am jealous about your SJs vacation. Too bad to hear you are leaving Spanish Table but sounds like bigger things are in the works. How's the gardening? We have sprouts going at home so far and some lettuce seeds planted in the garden.

Did you have any of those Wescott Bay oysters up there? Helen and I slurped some at the farm last summer and loved them.

we should get together some time.

ms. proust said...

Hey Paul,

Glad the feed problem has ceased--phew. I very much need my blog now so folks have a way to stay in touch after leaving the Table.

I spent my first day back in Seattle at Urban Vines & I can already see how much happier my life will be. People kept coming in & welcoming me to the neighborhood & they are very excited about the possibility of having a cheese AND wine shop in the southend. So am I!

Yes, I had some Westcott oysters at a friend's house on the island & they were simply amazing. All we added was a little lime juice & some flavored pepper--man, they were good.

Getting together sounds good. Feel free to email me!

PS- Hope your little seeds survive the snow...

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