Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What Happened to the Wine Wall?

Why have the editorial offices of this website been so cavernous lately?
A whole number of things of changed in the lives of the principle editors/authors of this site, otherwise known as Helen and Paul (MerPaul to a niece of ours; a story for another time).

1.Helen left her cushy job at a certain Seattle court and became a public defender, a vastly more time-consuming position
2.Paul got swallowed by a spring quarter of teaching that was more work than it should have been
3.Paul's other writing gig consumes more time than it used to
4.Helen and Paul were house shopping like mad people all spring. They now live in what they like to think of as an urban farm in the city of Seattle. They are more or less settled.
5.Paul went to Michigan for two weeks; Helen came for the last weekend of said two weeks.

Excuses, excuses. What are the practical implications for all of this movement? Well, look out for more posting soon. We have tons to write about. We like to joke that our new house is a big garden that happens to have a structure in the middle of it. There are fifteen fruit trees, close to twenty varieties of roses, and massive garden beds. Plus, did I mention that this year we got our own P-Patch plot, 200' square feet? We are gardening maniacs. We also went on a wine tasting trip down to Walla Walla, a shopping trip at the wonderful Eastern Market in Detroit, and a slew of other food-related diversions. Sit tight.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

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